Hey Folks!

Were you looking for this on Friday? Well, #CreativeOpsFriday has given way for #CreativeOpsMonday. Look for episodes to drop every other Monday until further notice.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I promise to let you know ahead of time next time. Maybe. No guarantees. But I will. I promise. Ya know...most likely.

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My in-studio producer/friend/technical overlord (Jason Tieri, Threads Podcast:Life Unfiltered; The Gig Economy Podcast; Hey Guys Media Group) and I discuss/reflect on the first year (13 episodes) of the show and all the behind the scenes gaffs/mishaps/mistakes/planning/preparation/etc....

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Thanks to all the supporters of the show:

And humongous thanks to all the listeners, especially folks like shakespeares_fire & cherylscreativesoup for reaching out on social media and helping to spread the word about the show--stuff like that keeps me excited about doing all this! (Even the writing-show-notes part...)

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Check out www.christophertallon.com for more on the show and its host (me!), read some blogs (my personal ones, not the ones I write for other people, although this and that aren't bad writing...), and all that shnazzy stuff.

Please also go check out the past guests and their goings-ons!

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Past Guests

  1. Paul Brogan, River Town Adventures
  2. Jennifer Soucy, Novelist (New Book Coming Soon)
  3. Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered hosts Ben Kraker & Jason Tieri
  4. Alfonso Civile, Heartsick Vocalist, podcaster (Beats and Beatdowns)
  5. Fresh Coast Seed Co, Award-Winning Cannabis Farmer
  6. Andrea Draft, Hobby Farmer/Stay-at-Home Parent
  7. Aaron Daane, Soccer Coach/Businessman
  8. Brandon Scott, Novelist
  9. Zach Snyder, Muralist/College Prof
  10. Nurses Meaghan and Rachel (Our wives...lol)
  11. Mike Breymann, award-winning visual effects artist/producer
  12. Clay McAndrews, Creative & Bright Walls Mural Festival Organizer
  13. Dajon, CA Hip-Hop Artist

See you on the next #CreativeOpsMonday everyone!


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