Nate Williams is the co-founder of River Town Adventures, a proud sponsor of the show. After leaving RTA, he found a travel gig in Seward, Alaska, where he was a professional kayak guide, showing tourists glaciers, bears, and whales via kayak. Then he went to Europe on a work/stay program and explored a few countries for next to nothing! 

While he waits for tourism to return, he spoke with us from his home in Lansing, MI, about what he's done, where he's been, and (hopefully) where he's going. It was a long chat with a good friend. I hope you enjoy it.

See pictures from Nate's trips in his Instagram.


Thanks for checking out the show! I appreciate it. Check out my website to see my blog, learn about the book I wrote, and find my social links.

Shout out to Hey Guys Media Group for the technical and spiritual support, and to River Town Adventures and Baby Farm Soaps for existing (and for sponsoring the show)!

Stay tuned for more creative people!


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