In this solo episode, I:

  • tell tease next week's interview with the one, the only, the fantastic...Chanel Ali, the comedian with the "best comedy album of 2020" according to NPR (2:08)
  • tell you why comedy is important to me (3:37)
  • updates on my as-yet-unpublished novel (6:15)
  • more upcoming guests (7:30)
  • promote my blog about how the Pistons invented the blueprint for free agency in the NBA (8:47)
  • play a song I wrote a few years back called¬†Come Under (an instrumental version (with a guitar solo!)) (11:00)
  • tell you the origins of our theme song, Longsleeves,¬†both how and where it was recorded, and where the inspiration came from AND let you hear the theme song, in its entirety, as a show closer (12:32)
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