Pharmhouse Wellness, Grand Rapids, Michigan's only locally owned and operated dispensary, had another art market. Again I sold books and (someone else's (my daugher's!)) art. This time, however, I brought my podcast gear and made a whole thing of it, talking to a little bit of every kind of person around: pot smokers, local celebrities, art enthusiasts, art vendors, budtenders, and one of the event organizers.

And Mike Logan did a great read of the back of my book Switcherswhich I encourage you to read. Your future self will thank you...

.   .   .

The interviewees are:

Mike Logan | IG: @icecoldcomedian 

Matt "soon-to-be from GR" Sweda | IG: @mattsweda

Frankie | IG: @stolenchapstick

K.C. | IG: @kcnextdoo_ & @nailzbykc_

Loyiso "Lou" Matanda | IG: @loyisomatandabey

Ashley Nash | IG: @nashleyillustration ;

Kate Lewis | IG: @claykate ;

Dean from BEDROOM CEILINGS | Insta and Facebook @bedroomceilings

.   .   .

Shout out to my tent sharing artists from the two markets: Los The Artist and Savannah Jade. One more to Michigrown for sponsoring the event and giving away some nice freebies!

Hope to see you at the next one August 20, 2022, at Pharmhouse Wellness in Grand Rapids, Michigan!


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